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Michael Genovese, Visiting Artist Program at the Patricia and Phillip Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami FL

Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum
Florida International University
Visiting Artist Program (2011-2012)

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University presents its first visiting artist program featuring Michael Genovese with P.S. (2008-2012). P.S. is a process-focused project, that has taken place in Florida, Texas, California and Illinois, that collects the spirit and attitude of Americans. In this iteration of the project, students are invited to carve their thoughts, views and ideas into blank surfaces placed in social spaces throughout the university’s campuses. These reflections and ruminations capture the essence of the individual, community, and university as a whole. This unedited information, which mirrors a range of perspectives during a time of change, are studied in content, form and function as a starting point for the creation of new work by Genovese.

With the diverse university community and in conjunction with FIU’s Worlds Ahead initiative, the project seeks to engage the university and outside community through this highly collaborative project. The artist will work with groups, acting as a mentor, facilitator, and collaborator. The project will include plates, quotes, and documentation from previous locations. It will pose questions about contemporary American issues that are rooted in art, history, and the social sciences. The lectures will also address the process of art making in today’s information filled landscape, emphasizing on cognitive human experience and its merge with industry and technology. Other topics will include the artist’s role in contemporary society, its post-war history and future.



Surfaces were installed with a provided stylus and subject in social spaces throughout Miami Dade County. The designated areas were installed throughout FIU’s campus, The Frost Art Museum, CARTA, Miami Beach, The Gannsevort, Shooters, Hialeah, among others.


Education Outreach

In addition to workshops and lectures on campus, Michael Genovese designed an education outreach program to engage Miami Dade public school students. The project reached as far as North Miami Beach, Hialeah and Redlands. Students from sixth to twelfth grade participated by learning about artwork in the Frost Art Museum's permanent collection and created collaborative free form carvings that were presented in a museum exhibition. 



Drawings inscribed on aluminum composite panels with an enameled finish. The subjects for the work included: faith, stereotypes,
classification, identity, existentialism, confessions, dreams, intoxication, signatures, protest, and censorship. 

Drawing Archive ➞



Subject: Signatures
Location: FIU South Campus

"So Happy. OBE Dek 4 life. Something in the way she knows that I don’t need another lover. A pitchfork facing upward NKO Kelsey lYnne Rebel. Fuck the police, NWA. Know what you love. Who love who. heart. Go Magic. Beatriz. Red. Randall Melendez. Dearo. Wilder Jesse Y. Katie loves Daphie. Swaggman. Alexa. Ahmed. Want to play hangman. twiggy. Maxx. Fidea. Rizo Waiked DNA 11-11. Rod. Batman. JRod. Alex Suczewski. YOUTUBE D1rtypantz. Roto y Hundido Mafias. Daniela Delfino Alex Doo is 122. Colombia. Big Booty Judi. Mary and Massimo. Magda loves Vicky. Rafa. I had a brother all my life I never knew about. Diana y Jose. K + L Judi and Jerimiah. Stephan and Sarah. Priscilla Penis #ambition Cate Spooz not a consideration. Gazelle intensity. MEXICO.  LOLOLOLOLOLRIPLOL Steve Jobs. Steph. Stephen loves ash. Daniel n sheila. Plur. Michelle. Evan Lewis is a sexy drum major. Nicaragua Marguelio. Betty TRA TRA TRA. A$$ Nat and Sam. Alley and Enrique. AI Johnathan M. What’s love got to do with it?Help. Jose and Pepe. Jett and David. Juan. Armando n Luis lolwut? yo mama. Ryan. The gui. Kyanna Princess Kiana. I love Nuggets. AA + AQ. Creza. Don’t look, see. we live in a time when you can be famous if you don’t have talent or brains as long as you look good=America. Natash loves Victor/ Nelly Bear. SOmetimes I look up at the stars and wonder why anyone would want to visit. K-Bear. Sleepless nights and puffy eyes. Sonia and Julian. Jesus Montel 420. Crystal/. Minto. J. Castanada. Live for tomorrow die for today. Jasmine. Steph. Kristy. MJ and Dre. Linda. Riot Sky. Gabby Ruger. Dudley was here. Dosed. I love Stacey. SBA Define your own, flaunt your sexuality lesbian since 1989. R.L. I’ll never love again. Jon Carlos Berroa CMG."

Transcription Repository

Protest/Occupy, Public Participation

Michael Genovese joined students who were protesting with Occupy Wall Street in Downtown Miami. A sign station was set-up to offer protest signs free of charge, and the voice of the movement was captured through drawing onto provided plates. 

Internship Program New World School of the Arts/FIU

Four students were selected from the New World School of the Arts to participate in an internship program at the Frost Art Museum. They assisted by transcribing, researching, and documenting the project. 

Post-Script Exhibition at the Frost Art Museum

"What sets Michael Genovese apart from most artists is that the Miami-based talent typically engages an audience as part of his creative process. And the ambitious proposal that snagged him the 2012 Visiting Artist title at the Frost Art Museum is no different. Genovese created 60 baked, enamel-coated aluminum discs and installed them throughout the Florida International University campus and other South Florida spots where people congregate. Then he invited passersby to carve their thoughts, beliefs, or ideas upon them, riffing on 15 different themes, including “dreams,” “faith,” “stereotypes,” and “censorship.” Those who engaged the works left a lexicon of symbols and multilingual commentary that invested the objects with an unusual Rosetta Stone-like nature. The public input doesn’t end there. A second group of folks was recruited to interpret these “P.S.” plates by transcribing the scribbles and markings into text, creating an online archive recording the wildly disparate descriptions. The artist then filtered these reactions and commentaries to create his own original body of work. The result is “P.S.-P.P.S.,” an artist’s call-and-response dialogue with all kinds of broader implications."- MIAMI NEW TIMES, “He Said, We Said”, Carlos de Jesus Suarez


Post-Post-Script Exhibition at the Frost Art Museum


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