MIS (Missing) Information, Group Exhibition

Mis (missing) Information is an exhibition of artists who draw from ‘the media’ in one way or another and make works that exclude information, requiring viewers to contemplate what is missing, what is left, and why. Beginning with an image, a Google search, a make-ready or the daily newspaper, the artists in this exhibition transform the given, infusing it with new content and meaning. The artists include Merwin Belin, Jan Blair, Andrea Bowers, York Chang, Michael Genovese, Elissa Levy, Brian C. Moss, Michael Queenland, Casey Reas, Susan Silton, Samira Yamin, Andrew Witkin and Jody Zellen. Mis (missing) Information is co-organized by Jody Zellen and Brian C. Moss.

While information and media have an increasingly digitized connotation, many of the artists in this exhibition start with the daily printed newspaper. It appears every morning, waiting to be read, deciphered and digested. Each edition represents an accounting of yesterday’s events and reflects our preoccupations with power and money, death and disaster, the quotidian and the glamorous, and a need to participate in the larger culture.
Organized by Jody Zellen

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