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Ren Ben
Abandon Reason, Acrylic paint on canvas 12 1/2 X 27 1/2 inches, 2017

Support: The Renaissance Society
"Los Angeles-based Michael Genovese’s recent paintings of colorful rectangles in some ways appear to conform to the well-worn conventions of minimalism and modernist color fields. But they complicate the story with an offbeat set of hues described by art and design historian Caroline Kane as "running the gamut of pale blue, turquoise, muted magenta, burnt orange, and dirty yellow … in a full-blown defiance of any color pairing principle from primary, secondary, and tertiary sets to tetratic, analogous, or simultaneous contrasts." The offset, asymmetrical arrangement of forms disturbs the functioning of the grid undergirding so much of modernist painting, resulting in compositions that appear simultaneously agitated and meticulous."- The Renaissance Society

Renaissance Society